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Journalist, writer, researcher, computer teacher, his articles have been published in various newspapers and monthlies magazines such as Nexus, Stargate Magazine, X-Times, Area 51, Di Tutto, Mistero Magazine. His writings ranges from ancient civilizations to the new frontiers of quantum physics and space exploration. For years he worked in the tv show "Mystery" broadcasted by Italia 1 as expert in U.A.P. and space tecnhnology. Ayo wrote 11 books, including two novels. He's also a well known painter, sculptor and illustrator. Ayo is editor of the online webjournal "Frontiere" (Frontiers) and founder of the Stargard Research Center for Supernatural Phenomena. Ayo lives and works in Rome, Italy.

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The universe is constantly listening and you should too. If you listen to life, you will discover that nothing happens by chance. Try to perceive the profound meaning of what is happening around you: feel the rhythm of events, follow it, and you will discover that you can predict them.

Only by listening the music you can dance.


                             - Pablo Ayo





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